Meet the Team
The Kid-U-Not team is dedicated to serving those in their local communities and beyond. Their work is a reflection of the Kid-U-Not mission. 
Sarah (Sally) McCartin 
President, Board of Directors
Living Organ Donor (Kidney)

Sally McCartin is a living kidney donor.  ​​​

Her journey began in August of 2013 when she donated her left kidney to a fellow hockey mom, though they had only known each other for one season. Sally was inspired to found Kid-U-Not as a result of her experience. Among the numerous issues she faced was the prospect of unpaid leave from work. She knew that her short term disability would activate after the first 14 days. Thankfully Sally had an excellent A&R union and supportive co-workers that assisted in covering her lost wages. The recipient of her kidney also offered to assist financially if needed. 

Sally was blessed to have such a wonderful support system. Unfortunately, all living organ donors do not receive such support. As a result, Kid-U-Not was established to assist living organ donors in the State of Connecticut. Kid-U-Not provides information and emotional and financial support, and will occassionally lobby for living organ donor rights and benefits. 

Sally is a graduate of Albertus Magnus College, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. She has worked for the State of Connecticut in the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for ten years. She has two adult children, Sarah and Kade, and a loving, supportive husband Walter.

Sigrid Fry-Revere, JD, PhD
Executive Director, Board of Directors

Sigrid is a medical ethicist and health law attorney. She has authored hundreds of articles and four books on topics in patient care ethics, been a TEDMED and TEDx speaker, and the former president of three organ donation-related non-profits.
Ron Wetmore
Chair, Board of Directors
Living Organ Donor (Kidney)

Ron grew up in Hamden, Connecticut. He has played hockey for his entire life, which connected him to Kid-U-Not even further. Ron has been a firefighter for 26 years and he is currently stationed in Milford, Connecticut as a battalion chief. In his spare time, he helps build playgrounds with the Where Angels Play Foundation and runs a 5K road race in loving memory of James Mattilio.
Michael Joyce, LCSW
Member, Board of Directors
Officer, Vice President

Michael is a clinical social worker who has been assigned to work with liver and kidney living donors since 2009 at the Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center. Problem-solving the financial barriers that living donor candidates encounter is an integral part of his assignment, and Michael considers it a privilege to have participated in the care of several hundred living donors during this assignment. Michael is the proud father of a 3-year-old son and enjoys being on the golf course.
Robin Pollock
Member, Board of Directors
Officer, Treasurer 
Volunteer, Fundraising
Robin is a local small business owner, who retired from Knights of Columbus as a bookkeeper to raise her children. She is so inspired by her friend Sally's journey as a living organ donor. She loves being part of this wonderful organization. Robin is a proud mom to Tori & Cam and a loving wife to Rich. 

Anne Hines
Member, Board of Directors
Officer, Secretary

Anne is presently the President of the New Haven Gaelic Football & Hurling Club located in East Haven.  She lives in Branford.   She was the Secretary of the Irish American Community Center for over 15 years.   She also served on the Board of Directors as Secretary of Orchard House Adult Medical Day Care Center.   Anne is excited to be joining the Board of Kid U Not.  
Jen Caruso
Volunteer, Fundraising

Jen is a proud staff volunteer with Kid-U-Not, as well as several other charitable organizations. She is an animal lover, and is married with three grown children who are “the light of her life.”
Melody Chang

Melody is a current junior at UC Berkeley, earning her degree in Molecular and Cell Biology with a focus in neurology. On the side, she volunteers at hospitals and hospice. She has also been a research intern at a neuroscience lab in Berkeley and at a lab at UCSF. She is hoping to attend medical school and continue developing her passion for health.
Ishika Saxena

Ishika is a senior at Sewickley Academy. Her interests span from playing the piano and violin to writing. She is greatly interested in the applications of computation, informatics, and technology to medicine and, further, through examining ethics and morality, she has become intrigued by bioethics and healthcare policy.
Adrienne Fong

Adrienne is a 15-year-old high school sophomore with a passion for business studies and marketing. She aspires to study an undeclared liberal art during college and acquire an MBA afterward. By combining public speaking/presentation with economic studies, Adrienne is working to fundraise effectively for Kid-U-Not. During her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends and volunteer in her community.​​