Living Organ Donor Fund


            A 501(c)3 public charity 

Lindsey Bach

Lindsey is a sophomore at the University of Southern California, where she is working towards a double degree in International Relations and Health and Human Sciences. She hopes to further cultivate her passion for bioethics and global health in years to come. She enjoys playing soccer in her free time.
Kallista Dentice

Kallista is a third-year biomedical engineering student at Purdue University with plans on attending medical school. She has a passion for medical devices and wants to work towards making these devices more affordable. When not studying, Kallista can be found practicing clarinet or in taekwondo class, where she holds a third-degree black belt.
Joel Joseph

Joel is a senior at Mesquite High School with plans on studying computer science and Molecular and Cell Biology.  He hopes to combine both technology and science to create new opportunities in healthcare.  On the side, Joel can be found researching for debate tournaments, volunteering in his community, and playing basketball. 
Hana Hisham

Hana is a 15-year-old high school junior. Her favorite hobby is reading , and her most liked books are the Harry Potter series. Hana has an interest in volunteering at animal shelters, hospitals, and charity programs. She hopes to become a surgeon some day.​​
Mikayla Bode

Mikayla is a junior at Xavier College Preparatory who aspires to study biomedical engineering and Spanish. She has plans to go to medical school and become a surgeon to cultivate her passion for helping others. In her free time, you can find her running, rowing, studying a new language, reading a medical novel, or volunteering. ​