Prior to becoming an independent charitable organization in May of 2018, Kid-U-Not was the Connecticut branch of the American Living Organ Donor Fund. Please explore the testimonials below, which account for the time that Kid-U-Not was a chapter of the ALODF. 
I am deeply grateful to the Kid-U-Not Foundation for granting me funds to cover a portion of my lost wages during my recovery from surgery. There are so many expenses associated with the transplant process: several overnight trips to New Haven and time taken from work for evaluation purposes and medical testing/screening, as well as accommodations for myself and my caregiver from pre-op to post-op, just to name a few. Being at such a distance from the hospital, arrangements were made for me to stay in New Haven from pre-op right through surgery to discharge, and while I was able to receive some assistance for these expenses from other sources, I still lost valuable work time prior to surgery as well during recovery. It is, thus, the loss of income that has been the most taxing problem for me.

I am very appreciative to you, Sally, for recognizing this. Your contribution has helped to cover some of our living expenses while I am unable to work. Thank you.​

Deborah donated a kidney to her brother and Kid-U-Not was able to help with lost wages from her unpaid leave. 
My name is Lilia Arizaga, I am wife of Edison Curillo. We were married in the 2014 in Torrington, Connecticut. We have a daughter of 21 months, her name is Allison Milagros. We put miracles because it really is...the nephrologist told me that I could not have babies because of my problem I had in my kidneys, as this would be a risk to the baby's life and mine. But God is great and wonderful. We had our baby in 2016, was born of 3 pounds because I had preclamcia...thank God today [she] is healthy and strong. While I was still in the treatment, my kidneys were getting worse and the creatine going up and the only solution was to undergo a transplant or go on dialysis. It was not easy, it was like the world fell apart. My husband was always positive, told me Trankila all EST Ará well I can give you my two kidneys if necessary, our daughter needs you, she is so tiny, she needs her mom by her side, and you have to live for her. I  felt my heart break, I didn't know what to do... So many things, my husband, my daughter, the bills to pay...and all he did is cry...

Thanks to my husband I continued to support me at all times, and decided to do the studies to see if it was compatible. Thank God it was, and we operated on February 13, 2018 in the Yale Hospital in New Haven Connecticut. It all went well thanks to all the kidney transplant doctors. 

My husband and I are very grateful to Kid-U-Not in CT for their financial support that helped us cover the bills of our home while we were in recovery. God bless you for that kind heart you have to provide help to people who deal with situations like this. Thank you very much from the heart. Now we are happy with our daughter. Allison is one more opportunity to give this testimony and tell everyone that there are still angels on Earth who give us their hand when we most need it. Thanks KID-U-NOT in CONNECTICUT. 

With love,
Lilia Arizaga

My brother at the age of 43 was diagnosed with kidney failure. When I was told of this terrible news, I immediately asked what I could do to help? Can I give him one of my kidneys?

At that moment I was not thinking of my financial responsibilities. I wasn’t told until after I donated by my employer that I was not able to use any paid time off. I was so frustrated and stressed out, and concerned about how I was going to pay my bills. I expressed my feelings to my kidney transplant social worker and he was able to give me the website to this foundation called: Kid-U-Not aka ALODF. After my application was done, I immediately got an answer back from them and in a matter of a couple of week I received a check by mail. I was not only genuinely grateful to them for their help, but I was also able to pay all my bills and rest like I was supposed to. I can’t believe how wonderful they are and kept in touch with me throughout the whole process. “Kid-U-Not” is like a branch with angels waiting to help someone. From the bottom of my heart thank you.


I’m so grateful to Kid-U-Not for providing financial assistance that made it possible for me to donate part of my liver to a young woman in her twenties who was diagnosed with a rare, genetic liver disease and was in need of a new liver. None of her friends or family had been approved as donors. When my daughter told me about her, my first thought was that I didn’t even know it was possible to be a living donor. After realizing it was possible, that night I couldn’t sleep. I had a strong feeling I would be a match and that I was meant to do this. My husband and I went to New Haven, and after going through all the testing, I was approved. The only issue standing in the way was the enormous expense involved. We would be coming from out of town (from California), we would need to stay 3 weeks, and since both my husband and I are self-employed, neither of us would have any income for any of the time we weren’t working. It was a big issue, and the team at New Haven recognized that. They introduced me to three organizations, one of which was Kid-U-Not.

My husband and I were deeply moved by Kid-U-Not’s offer to help with my husband’s lost wages. Rather than having to work as much as possible from the hospital room and then from the hotel while we were in New Haven, the assistance from Kid-U-Not allowed him to be by my side and  stay focused on the moment we were in (whether it was the day before the surgery or the days after during the different stages of recovery). My husband’s constant support and confidence in me was so pivotal in this whole process. As I told him from the beginning, although I was the one donating part of my liver, we were both doing this; it so directly affected him, and he was such an active part of the whole thing. He was my rock. I am so grateful to Kid-U-Not for their mission, their role, and their assistance. What an amazing organization, and they directly helped make this transplant possible. The donor and I are both recovering beautifully, and I consider this one of the most positive experiences in my life. 

A huge thank you to Kid-U-Not from me and my husband!

​Testimonial from Elizabeth Day 
Chris and Elizabeth Day 
Photo 1: A beautiful, moving moment when Melia came to visit the day after the surgery
​Photo 2: Almost a week after surgery, running into each other doing our daily hallways walks
​Photo 3: Two weeks after surgery,
saying goodbye