Kid-U-Not Living Organ Donor Fund neither encourage nor discourage donation. Nor do we provide medical, legal, financial, or any other kind of professional advice. We help living organ donors who have already decided to donate put together financial packages from various government and charity sources, including our own, to minimize the non-medical financial burden of living organ donation. We think becoming a living organ donor is a heroic act, but we also acknowledge that the decision to donate involves a multitude of factors, most of which are specific to the individual considering donation. We do not claim any expertise in advising people whether or not they should become living organ donors. We focus exclusively on assisting those who have already made a commitment to become living organ donors minimize the impact of that decision on their financial well-being. It is our goal to make every decision to become a living organ donor cost-neutral.

Kid-U-Not Living Organ Donor Fund is a public charity, incorporated in the state of Connecticut in 2018. It is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to helping living organ donors. From 2016-2018 Kid-U-Not was a branch of the American Living Organ Donor Fund. Now we are our own independent organization. Our articles, bylaws, and tax filings are all available upon written request. Please mail your request to our CEO, Sarah (Sally) McCartin at 57 Chidsey Dr., North Branford, CT  06471. If requesting a copy of our articles, bylaws, or tax filings, please indicate in your letter which item(s) you are requesting and whether you would prefer receiving them by email or post and include the email address or U.S. postal service address where you would like the information sent.